Providing an avenue of independence in educational choices for homeschooling families in Alabama. Rosewood Academy & High School A Church School Cover.
Providing an avenue of independence in educational choices for homeschooling families in Alabama.Rosewood Academy & High SchoolA Church School Cover.

Getting Started Homeschooling

There is not a simple one step process for returning students to public school after homeschooling, because each school system is different, each system has different requirements. The most common situation is when the public school wants to hold the student back and not promote them to the next grade because you did not use an "ACCREDITED"<link curriculum.  Public schools are using the "COMMON CORE"<link curriculum throughout Alabama.    It is our strong recomendation that you work with the guidence counselor at the school you are going to return to in order for the process to go smoothly as possible.  


1.  Enroll in a church school of your choice - fees and requirements will vary.

2.  Investigate the style of learning your child exhibits.


Allow children to help in this process.  Make use of their strengths, interests and learning styles. In our own family we have a Kinesthetic, Logic, Intrapersonal / a Kinesthetic, Verbal, Interpersonal / a Visual, Logic, Nature / a Auditory, Kinesthetic, Verbal etc.....this being the case, there is no one type of curriculum or books that would work for each of my children. After 20 years I have yet to find the golden key.  Learning style test link: TEST#1  or  TEST#2



What is Multiple Intelligence? Dr. Howard Gardner.  

Multiple Intelligence TEST  





3.   Develop a course of study and your Method.


4.  Create a schedule. Some things to keep in mind to work to your advantage:

     Are you a morning or evening family?  Large Family Schedule.

     Does someone in your family work an odd shift? Or odd days?

     Are all your children young or High School?

     Is a baby on the way?

     Donna Young has a free Homeschool Planner.


5.  Gather materials, books, resources, etc...

     Click link here  "resources-books-website".


6.  Choose outside classes, extracurricular activities and/or field trips.

     There are a lot of choices for homeschoolers today!  Outdoors.


Co-ops, McWane classes, zoo classes, art, writing classes and clubs, marine classes, science classes, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance, gymnastics, scuba, karate, swimming, archery, music lessons, outdoor classes, Alys Stephen's Center, volunteering, community service, church activities, Lego club, start your own club.....

Rosewood Academy & High School

Providing a church school cover for families homeschooling in Alabama

updated 01/18/2018

 “What does compulsory education often do? It makes a straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook.”  -Henry David Thoreau

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